Columbus Cap-UP

The Columbus Arts Pop-Up Project (CAP-UP) is a series of installation window displays by area artists. The project is a partnership between the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (SID).

Confluence by Beth Himsworth

Deinstalled due to early leasing of space.


Like nearly all major cities of the world, Columbus was founded on a waterway that gave life to its residents and mobility to travelers and goods. Confluence celebrates the elegance of nature that underlies the strength of the urban experience. Leonardo da Vinci once said that “Water is the driving force of all nature.” In today’s world it remains as - the often unrecognized - driving force of all our endeavors; inspiring our art forms, quenching the needs of our labors and giving shape to the contours of our urban design. The construction of Confluence depicts the rainfall and river formation that come together in Downtown Columbus. Cords coming from above will be gathered and arranged gracefully representing the dynamic flow of water. Another segment provides rain to form Goodale Park’s pond and is crowned by the installation’s centerpiece, a large scale glass mosaic water lily sculpture.

Artist Bio

Following an 18-year NGO career primarily in South America as a nurse and educator, Beth Himsworth returned to the US where an ever-present interest in Fine Art became her career. Having lived most of her adult life in the developing world, her expatriate life brings a wealth of cultural imagery, color, and tropical vibrancy. Himsworth learned to find sublime beauty even in areas of extreme poverty. As a self-taught artist she was determined to figure it out alone and thereby produce a style that was not influenced by other glass mosaic work. When she began in 2007 she had never seen a glass mosaic. Himsworth greatly enjoys the puzzle of the engineering needs of new sizes and shapes. Often keeping a ladder next to her table, she can go up the top of her 11 foot high studio, look down and get a sense of perspective. Even the element of risk associated with hours of glasswork that will either be enhanced or ruined with the application of the right - or wrong - selection of grout produces a sense of satisfaction when the process is complete and she can stand back and see the results.