Columbus Cap-UP

The Columbus Arts Pop-Up Project (CAP-UP) is a series of installation window displays by area artists. The project is a partnership between the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (SID).

THEN NOW BEYOND by Brian Reaume



THEN NOW BEYOND is visual homage to the matriarchs and patriarchs that founded our city while inviting the present viewer to feel a part of the scene with thought toward the future. While celebrating 200 years one should reflect on the how and why of Columbus with a focus on forming and becoming a part of this city to ensure another 200 years. Your reflection in this window places you within the past, present and future, you are among those that have created, are creating and will create within Columbus Ohio, my hope is that you take pride in your involvement and accomplishments. This is a city of legacy and we all have an opportunity to leave ours along with an obligation to build Columbus stronger with our actions.

The work that I create is intended to speak: asking the viewer questions while answering others. I want there to be dialogue, a continuous conversation so the art grows with and forms a relationship with its environment and the people surrounding it. I create work, whether 2D or 3D that one feels as if one could enter, walk into and find another world all the while finding reason for their current.

Artist Bio

i am a self taught artist that uses natures effects on society and the human impact on nature as inspiration. i studied women’s literature and am a writer at heart, i find that my paintings and installations are as much about my verse as they are visual. my goal is to tell a complete story through my work, be it abstract painting or sculpture i aim to intrigue the viewer, draw them in and open their perspective. my work has a voice and welcomes dialogue with those who take the time to delve into the layers. i am the life that i live.