Columbus Cap-UP

The Columbus Arts Pop-Up Project (CAP-UP) is a series of installation window displays by area artists. The project is a partnership between the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (SID).

My Home by April J. Sunami



In the 15 years Columbus has been my home. I’ve watched this city grow from an ungainly teenager to a confident but quirky adult. Like most residents I feel personally connected and invested to the evolution of the city, but the root of my enthusiasm is because Columbus’s growth is not unlike mine. This piece is not only a representation of Columbus, but also a reflection of the person I’ve become in this city. I’m primarily a painter. In my paintings I try to juxtapose the representational and the abstract with relationship to women’s faces and their hair. With this installation I plan to achieve similar aesthetic sensibility within the medium of installation. Miniature houses will represent the diverse neighborhoods and people of the city. Each of the houses will contain a narrative or poetic text about my own or other Columbusites’ experiences within the city. The houses are also made of various materials to reflect the wide range of socioeconomic diversity within the city. Various images of Columbus landmarks (both well known and off the beaten path) will be collaged onto the base, which will represent the central Ohio area in its entirety. My objective is to create a personal work of art that will also personally resonate with the viewer.

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Ohio, April Sunami has been in love with visual art since she was a young girl. Sunami holds both a BA and MA in art history. Her subjects generally include portraits of women and the female form. She currently paints and experiments with everything from oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media collage. Her work has graced the front of two album covers, and her paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions and private collections throughout the country. Sunami also enjoys sharing the joy of making art with young people and has completed several collaborative murals with the young people she has worked with.